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What my clients have to say...

Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond has worked with hundreds of individuals, SME’s and Global Corporations to deliver coaching, mentoring, webinars, and training.

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Antonio Aversente

My expectation was met and even more. I wanted to discover my purpose and at the end I started to learn more about myself. Why I am who I am, what are my strengths, what shall I focus on to be happy and become a better me. It helped me understand my uniqueness and why people appreciate working with me. I would recommend your coaching to others and I don’t see what else you could do differently. It was already great experience for me.

Paris, France
Billy Phillips

I approached Steven to help guide myself, office manager, and then the rest of the team towards working better as a team and as individuals improve their own confidence and then as a result their ability to take ownership of their positions in the business.


Steven did an excellent job and still is, with his ability to tap into each staff members personality, strength and weakness, and using this to empower them to become better versions of themselves. The outcome of the coaching sessions exceeded my expectations by far.

Wellington, South Africa
Tzippy Subotzky

I highly recommend Steven Levy as a business coach. He’s very professional and down to earth with great positive ideas and advice.

Johannesburg, South Africa
Jason Vavatzanidis

Good morning Steven,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for what you have done for me in a very short space of time. You an amazing man. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Ps. I told my neighbour about you and he would like you to contact him this week. I will send you his details now. Keep up the fantastic work that you do.


Have a great day.

Cape Town, South Africa
Jo Attenborough

During the course of my sessions with Steven, I became aware that the ‘Destination’ I originally was heading for, was not reached via a simple straightforward road – in fact there were many detours and even a change of direction! This awakening created a new awareness in me – I felt lighter, free-er, happier and closer to finding answers within myself that would lead me to choose the direction forward that was right for ME at that precise time of my Life's journey.

Witsand, South Africa
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Trevor McLaughlin

As a business consultant and co-owner of the MCA Group, I recognize the importance of coaching to ALL levels of staffing and people from all walks of life. I nominated Luanne Peterson from our company and
can happily report as follows – I immediately noticed a massive change in her attitude towards herself, her peers, our clients and to life. Thanks, Steve – I have referred clients and direct family members, with the same results and will continue to do so

South Africa
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Rebecca Pizzitalo

I recommend Steve highly for individual and team coaching. Steve knows how to create a safe space in which people can be vulnerable and brave. In other words, you can speak freely and his composure won't change from sheer acceptance; you are just being you after all, and he honors that. He listens wholeheartedly, reflects back what you tell him so you can see how you are summarizing yourself to others (and your inner self), and offers thoughtful feedback informed by his wide breadth of knowledge and experience and well-stocked toolbox of assessments and tools to get you on an actionable track to who you are meant to be."

Seattle, USA
Sophie Leroy

Steve was able to accompany me during an important change in my carrier. He is a fantastic coach, he helps, guides, give the right tools to think, and to take a decision. I strongly recommend him!

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Karolyn Hawker

Recently I got to spend an enlightened coaching session with Steve! His passion for Business and Life Coaching /Mentoring is contagious. I contacted him for guidance with a life changing decision. His line of questioning immediately opened the windows in my mind, took the blinkers off, so that I was soon dousing my doubts with a spring of internal hidden knowledge. He guided me skipping over the decision line! He is adept at tackling the issues that business owners and their teams are facing today directly. He shares the experience and expertise that he gained during the many years he spent in the corporate and small business arena. 

Montana, USA
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