About Me

Steven Levy

Global Leaders Coach

“We all have the ability to lead, we don’t all necessarily have the desire to lead others”

Steven Levy

Steven, a firm believer that each and every person has something unique to offer the
world. Coupled with his 35 years plus experience in and being exposed to various Leadership roles, in the Corporate environment, in Partnerships, his Own Businesses and, not to leave out his involvement and love for sport, something that highly informed him of the influence and the impact leadership has in business, where the emphasis on Human Capital, makes Leadership and its Teams any organisations most competitive advantage.

He is a husband, father and grandfather, whose family mean everything to him and
with their unconditional support, has walked a challenging but rewarding journey of self-discovery, where he realised his purpose & clearly visualized his future as an entrepreneur, business owner, speaker and author. This could only be achieved through embracing change, in order to make a difference and learning how to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of others.

Steven engaged in 2 years of study, obtaining a Coaching Diploma and has been a
registered Coach with COMENSA (Coaches; Mentors of South Africa) since 2017
Steven, a member of Business Network International, has served on the leadership
team for the past 4 years in various roles.

Individual Coaching To Embrace Change

Coaching In Business For A Changing World

Working with an experienced Business Coach is your ultimate tool to achieve massive results. Some of the most wildly successful companies and entrepreneurs on the planet rely on business coaching services to stand out from the competition. Partnering with Steven Levy of Dare2Be Coaching & Beyond you will engage in 1:1 meetings & expert guidance.

Business Leaders are constantly under pressure to improve performance and ensure the growth of their organisation. Rapid developments in technology, competitive pressure, unpredictability and lack of clear direction, as experienced in 2020, make the stakes increasingly high. Partnering with Steven Levy Dare2Be Coaching & Beyond you will engage in 1:1, team meetings & expert guidance. Creating a High-Performance Team is crucial to organisations. Leadership Coaching can help your business acquire and enhance the skills and behaviour business need to create High-Performance Teams.