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Global Leaders Coach

Global leaders coaching knows no limitations such as geography or culture. Instead, it inspires and develops you to become the best version of yourself.

You'll receive one-to-one leadership coaching and team coaching to improve your business performance to skyrocket your growth.

Take your first step towards business growth today.

Why You Need Leadership Coaching

“Lead Self, Lead Change,
Unleash Team Potential, Ignite Growth”

- Steven Levy

Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond gives you tailored leadership development. Working with you one-to-one, or in teams, you’ll receive world-class global leadership coaching that gives you a competitive advantage.


Only through influential leadership can your company grow from strength to strength. Are you a company or senior individual seeking transformational leadership coaching to impact the bottom line?

Discover how 35 years of combined corporate leadership and business ownership experience, 5-years of global leadership coaching, and a lifetime of team and individual sports can support you in achieving your business goals. 

Coaching is more than a programme; it’s a journey. You just need to allow me into your business. I’ll work with you strategically to implement coaching interventions delivered through unique observations and evaluations of your current practices.

By establishing a solid base camp (understanding where you currently are), we can work together to establish your goals. As a result, you can expect to see a high return on investment (ROI) when you begin your journey with Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond.

I challenge you to be the best version of yourself. And with my guidance and support, we can work together to lead your team, implement change, and exceed your highest expectations.

"Thank You So Much For Truly Special & Inspiring Workshop. You Have A Gift To Create A Safe Environment Where People Can Express Themselves & Not To Be Afraid To Learn More & Grow. Our Business Already Is Lighter And Brighter Because Of Your Inspiration. I Cannot Thank You Enough...”


Seasky Villa Managment

Smiling woman who was a happy workshop attendee for Dare2Be Coaching
Image of Dare2be ongoing client Jean-Pierre Roux of Firebird BlueStar

“What makes Steven exceptional is his specialized or rather individualized view to coaching. It is clear that he has a 6th sense & is quickly able to identify growth areas. What I find interesting is that he then guide's you to self-identify the growth areas & implement accountability strategies to bring change. We will continue to see Steven as a valuable asset in our continued mission to chase each of our (not small) goals. We highly recommend the investment of Dare2Be Coaching.”

Jean-Pierre Roux

Firebird BlueStar​

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